The Newest Addition


Location: City Garden, St. Louis, MO, USA

Materials: Willow (branches, loops and spheres) and Snapdragons.

Size: 6 feet x 12 feet

On the upper Cafe level of City Garden is a placid pool that spills over rocky falls. Within the pool is Aristide Maillol’s “La Riviere,” a
voluptous female nude who seems to be tumbling uncontrollably into the water. Flowing from the sculpture is G. F.’s latest installation. Willow
branches and spheres studded with white snapdragons trail towards the falls. The green and white color scheme blends seamlessly with the verdigris bronze of “La Riviere.” The rounded form of the spheres mimic the many curves of the figure. The lady has been caught up in a net of willow loops that seem to be pulling her along with more willow and flowers.

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