Guerrilla Florist is a collaboration of artists committed to promoting the art of floral design by placing floral art into the community!  These pieces may relate to public works of art, the nearby architecture or stand on their own as works of floral sculpture.

As with theatre and performance art, floral art is not forever.  It is fleeting and must be appreciated within a finite period of time.  But, we believe that TRANSIENT THINGS HAVE VALUE made more valuable by their very transience.

We will endeavor to chronicle our installations and invite you to visit them in place.  If not removed by others, they will remain in place approximately three days. 

We look forward to your comments, critiques, encouragement and personal photos of our work (which can be e-mailed to guerrillaflorist@gmail.com).

Thanks for your interest in us.

Note:   Guerrilla Florist has absolute respect for all artists and works of art.  This is part of the reason we like to take inspiration from other works of art.  Therefore, please know that we will never do anything to mar the surface of, or harm in any way, any public art.

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