The Newest Addition


Location: City Garden, St. Louis, MO, USA

Materials: Willow (branches, loops and spheres) and Snapdragons.

Size: 6 feet x 12 feet

On the upper Cafe level of City Garden is a placid pool that spills over rocky falls. Within the pool is Aristide Maillol’s “La Riviere,” a
voluptous female nude who seems to be tumbling uncontrollably into the water. Flowing from the sculpture is G. F.’s latest installation. Willow
branches and spheres studded with white snapdragons trail towards the falls. The green and white color scheme blends seamlessly with the verdigris bronze of “La Riviere.” The rounded form of the spheres mimic the many curves of the figure. The lady has been caught up in a net of willow loops that seem to be pulling her along with more willow and flowers.


Flower Festival

Every Spring Christ Church Cathedral holds its flower festival.  The annual event was begun 118 years ago by Henry Shaw founder of what is now the Missouri Botanical Garden.  The festival includes: speakers, exhibits and plenty of beautiful flowers.  Naturally, Guerrilla Florist couldn’t resist putting in our two cents worth.  

Location: Christ Church Cathedral, 14th & Olive, Downtown Saint Louis, MO, USA 

Materials: Carnations, Chrysanthemums, fruit tree branches, Palm fronds, eucalyptus, Corkscrew willow, dock, Banksia protea and Hypericum berry. 

Size: 5 Feet x 4 feet 

Nestled next to the main entrance to the church is a charming chapel garden.  As if blown from some enormous tee, a mythical large nest has landed within the garden.  The sculpted nest contrasts wildly with the diminutive oasis with in which it has dropped.  

The festival’s theme this year has to do with environmental consciousness or “green” living.  In keeping with this theme, our sculpture is made nearly entirely of materials recycled from previous commercial events.  Lest we become too, too serious, nestled in the garden in a holly tree is flying a floral bluebird with a bad case of nest envy. 


Klinge Together

“Polyanthe” and “Grosser Pfubrub” by Dietrich Klinge

Location: Delmar Blvd (Between Kingsland & Leland Avenues), University City, MO, USA

Materials: Eremurus, liatris, sunflowers, sinuata statice, Banksia protea, craspedia, leucospermum protea, leucaderdron, eryngium, ti leaves, silver-dollar eucalyptus, scotch broom and palm-bud foliage.

Dietrich Klinge’s male and female sculptures are powerful, raw, organic and chiseled.  They are an interesting mix of voluptuousness and hard-edged masculinity.  “Polyanthe’s” floral tribute is full of texture and movement and is as monumental and strong as the scuplture itself.  The loops of palm foliage mimic the circle of her arms and is repeated in “Graser Pfubruls” floral embellishment.  Klinge’s male figure is all angles and sharp edges, so the tribalesque garland full of circles and rounded flower forms is an intersting contrast. 




American Hero


Location: Fountain Park, St. Louis, MO, USA

Size: 6 feet x 5 feet

Materials: Dyed Red Willow Reeds, Fryngium, “Pink Mink” Protea, Hala foliage, Scotch BroomKing Protea, Foliage.

To honor and remember Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.



Location: City Garden, St. Louis, MO, USA

Size: 3 feet x 2.5 feet

Materials: Pompon Chrysanthemun (Posh Pink, Orinoco), Spray Roses (Majolika), Carnations (Ilga, Dora, Elsa), Roses (Vogue, High Magic, Orange Magic and Yellow Magic).  Collectively over 3000 stems.

With our tongues firmly planted in our cheeks, we welcome the Easter season by commandeering Tom Classen’s “Untitled (Two Rabbits)” scuplture in City Garden.  One massive egg and a scattering of smaller floral eggs are as beautiful as they are comical.  Can you find the eggs hidden about the Garden?  Happy Hunting!



Spring Forth


Location: Delmar Blvd (Between Kingsland & Leland Avenues), University City, MO

Size: 9.5 feet x 3.5 feet

Materials: 150 Calla Lilies (Zantedeschia) and Painted Bamboo

This is our celebration of the start of the Spring season.  We evoked early spring by juxtaposing bare branches with a plethora of blooms, reminding us of snowdrops in full bloom under a leafless tree.

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